Friday, March 29, 2013


“Shark Tank” is a successful television show that counts my dear wife among its ardent viewers. The program's format pits an entrepreneur looking for financial backing against a panel of four businesspeople who have cash to lend IF they are impressed with the pitch. On any given evening it is even more exciting than “The Bachelor”.

Ever since “Jaws” swam towards us from the movie screens in 1976, I've had an aversion to being in any water where sharks may be on the prowl. Because this certainly includes my present abode in sunny Florida, it seemed prudent to read up on sharks and how they operate. Recent television newscasts showing thousands and thousands of them migrating close by our shoreline was an added incentive.

Conventional wisdom is that sharks in these waters are “spinners” or “black tips” and not a threat to swimmers. Authorities have the stats from 1882 to this year proving that no one has been killed down here by a shark. Bitten or nipped yes, but not killed. This data is but marginal comfort to me.

In the land-based marketplaces where you earn your paycheck, there are also sharks. Learn about them. Here too they may not kill you outright but they can still nip and bruise you. What is their M.O.?  How do they maneuver within the company or outside with clients? You can tell a lot by observing their body language and how they relate to others.

It's always best to keep your eyes and ears open when you're in the water. And in the meetings too.

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