Saturday, February 2, 2013

Florida in February

In addition to easy access for fantastic prices on oranges and grapefruit, Florida in February is certainly the place to be. (Whoops, sorry, by now most of you have already heard this a thousand times.)

Nonetheless the saying “there's no free lunch” applies even down here in the Land of Eternal Sun. A classic example is the “Early Bird Special” (EBS) which roughly means that right after breakfast you start getting ready for dinner. EBS menus have customer-friendly dinner prices that knock off a buck or two from the meals in order to lure in those of us on Social Security. “Having cocktails” has become an evergreen all around the country and most certainly is a fixture down here where the bar bill gobbles up what few dollars are saved on EBS, plus, plus. 

When the sun goes down most of us retreat to our little hideaways to turn on our television sets to check the weather up north. Schadenfreude kicks in for a few minutes followed by hours of gloom because television series re-runs dominate the airwaves. It could be far worse of course since most of the new prime time viewing is simply terrible. Re-runs of oldies are generally the best of what used to be better.  And still is. 

Florida is often derided as “Heaven's Waiting Room” because so many of us are senior-seniors.  So be it.  Most of our old gang on the upper side of the Mason-Dixon line are also senior-seniors living in retirement homes afraid to go out because of bone chilling cold. At least down here the nurses have suntans. 

With all the talk of Health Care in Washington, D.C., we Floridians share the perspective that television has the answer for most ailments. Products for every conceivable sickness flash by our eyes night after night. Especially if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction which some say make up 40% (others say 80%) of the TV commercials. 

Hang in, dear reader, for eventually Spring and then Summer will come your way. And then, when Florida becomes a white hot furnace for us, you may well have The Last Laugh as you bask in your glorious weather.