Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Picking a Best Friend

Most of us know a lot of people. Within that gang of faces stands a smaller group. We call members of this smaller group “friends”. Then there is a handful – literally you can count them on one hand – that is much harder to classify.  I guess you could call them “best friends,” but that description may not fit easily. 

One of my own handful of these special people passed on earlier this morning.  He was a military man, a sailor to be precise, so we would clock his departure time at 0830hrs. My personal challenge is not to look at those who remain in the larger friends group and pick a replacement. That's just not the way it works. No one could ever replace Sweeney. So how does one go about picking a man or woman for the small handful? Simply put, I don't know. If you have an insight, please do share it with me.

After fighting through the shock of sudden loss, I thought about this challenge, and more importantly, what makes us consciously or unconsciously select a compatible man or a woman to walk by our side? I don't think it is the very same criteria we use in figuring out who would be our best bet as a spouse. No way.  We are surrounded by couples that would never in a million years move the odds in a betting parlor. Those of us who lucked out in the marriage sweepstakes know all too well that cupid and his damn bow and arrows were consistently outplayed by forces beyond our, and anyone else's comprehension.

Jack Sweeney was successful in the business world as well as in the United States Navy where he went rose in rank from seaman to Rear Admiral. He was the epitome of God, Love of Country and Family.  I should add that Family was his guiding star right after he married a pretty tennis-playing girl from Wawa, Pennsylvania, which was pretty much Indian country in my own day.

Best friends are best friends.  It's that simple.  Sweeney can never be duplicated.  Nor should he be.  Best Friends are unique, different one from the others. They are selected by the Best Friends Gods who factor in mutual interests and a huge helping of trust in each other.

You know very well who your own best friends are. You are lucky to have them.  And they are lucky to have you.