Monday, October 14, 2013

You Can't Go Back

A friend asked me if I ever plan to return to my old neighborhood, which in my case means either Darien, Connecticut, or the Main Line of Philadelphia.  My answer was “No, I can't go back because it isn't there anymore.”
It's true you know. Those happy memories I hold are mine alone.  I am happy to have them plus, and importantly, no one can take them away from me. But in reality those yesterdays are long gone along with many of the men and women who created the memories with me. The sites and the sounds are gone as well. “Enhancements” “improvements” and tall towers have replaced the cozy neighborhoods that made up so many yesteryears for our gang. Bigger is not necessarily better. 

Life goes on, dear reader.  Neither thee nor me can stop the treadmill to oblivion that is nature's way. Best to live in the present, cherish the past and hedge our bets hoping that Washington, D.C. won't make it any worse than they already have. 

All is not doom and gloom however. We just have to dig deeper to find our everyday gold. It's still there. Dig on. Stay with me for few more paragraphs while I try to make my case. When I was born back in the middle ages, Calvin Coolidge was President of these United States.  “Silent Cal” was more or less famous for not being famous.  He was followed by a lineup of men who were good, so-so or not very good at all. But we made it through the changes in Washington because we married, raised families and saw yet another generation dance down the very same yellow brick road. 

So yes, it pains me to see supposedly grown up men and women seemingly incapable of working out sensible solutions for our beloved (and their beloved) country. I have written to my representatives expressing my dismay. I will express my chagrin at the ballot box.  And in the meantime, my check will not be in the mail. On the other hand my lovely granddaughter, Brooke, is marrying Noah, a very nice gentleman next week.   

The gold of love, laughter and sunshine is still there to be found. And when we gather it up, let's appreciate our blessings in the here and now.